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Did You Know

  • Pre-Approvals in 10 minutes over the phone
  • $0 Application Fee and $0 closing Cost Options
  • Home Mortgage Cash out / Equity Loans up to 80% of Home Value
  • Jumbo Loans up to 90% of Value
  • FHA Lending with as low as a 640 Credit Score
  • All of the Loan Officers are NMLS licensed in California
  • Purchase Loans in 14 Days
  • Cash Out / Home Equity Lending down to 640 Credit Score
  • Our Average Lender can close your Loan in 21 Days
  • We can search up to 34 local & national lenders within just a few minutes
  • Cash out rates are very similar if not identical to a rate / term refinance 

FHA refinances have numerous advantages vs. other loans, including lower rates than most other lender programs, especially on 30 year fixed rates. Ask your loan officer about the FHA streamline program, where there are easier qualifications to lower your payment if you currently have an FHA loan, such as no income verification, and no appraisal required.

Here are the main reasons our clients choose to explore FHA refinancing and some of the potential benefits:

  1. Lower your Payment
  2. Convert to a Fixed Rate
  3. Lower your Rate to historic lows
  4. Reduce your term from a 30 year to a 15 year fixed
  5. Pay property taxes
  6. Skip 2 mortgage payments
  7. Receive escrow refund from your current account
  8. Remove someone from the loan, or add a spouse to the loan
  9. Pay down the principal to a lower loan amount
  10. Move from a FHA loan to a conventional loan to remove the mortgage insurance

We can also assist in a conventional refinance if you needed to take cash out. Currently, FHA does not allow for cash out loans in Texas, so our lenders offer the Texas Equity loan program to assist in this. Call today to discuss which option best fits your specific needs.

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We Can Assist With:

  • Minimum 640 Credit Score, lending of $80,000 Mortgages and Above 
  • You can skip 2 payments on most refinances
  • Only Out of Pocket Expense is the Appraisal
  • No Out of Pocket Expense 
  • Non-Warrantable & Jumbo Condo Lending
  • FHA Lending with as low as a 640 Credit Score