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  • Pre-Approvals in 10 minutes over the phone
  • $0 Application Fee and $0 closing Cost Options
  • Home Mortgage Cash out / Equity Loans up to 80% of Home Value
  • Jumbo Loans up to 90% of Value
  • FHA Lending with as low as a 640 Credit Score
  • All of the Loan Officers are NMLS licensed in California
  • Purchase Loans in 14 Days
  • Cash Out / Home Equity Lending down to 640 Credit Score
  • Our Average Lender can close your Loan in 21 Days
  • We can search up to 34 local & national lenders within just a few minutes
  • Cash out rates are very similar if not identical to a rate / term refinance 

FHA loans are government insured loans that are less strict on credit scores, credit issues, and down payment as almost any other loan program. Regarding a purchase, there are a few keys to lending guidelines to consider when determining if an FHA loan is right for you:

  1. FHA loans require only a 3.50% down payment, and all of that can be a gift from an eligible family member or friend
  2. FHA 30 year fixed rates are generally available at lower rates than conventional rates
  3. Our Texas FHA lenders can Pre-Approve you in around 10 minutes in one phone call
  4. $0 Application Fee
  5. On most purchases with our lenders, you would not have a payment for 2 months to allow time for you to move in and get settled
  6. Our lenders can allow co-signors on a loan to help qualify. One example is a student in college, and allowing their parents to co-sign on the property to have them qualify for housing
  7. FHA charges a 1.75% funding fee, but that can rolled into the loan, even on a purchase
  8. Each Texas county has an FHA maximum loan limit that can range from $270,050 to $370,000 depending on the county, so be sure to ask our lenders about
  9. When you speak with a loan officer, they can help discuss various options on how to structure to allow the initial insurance and taxes to be paid by the seller as a credit, thus your total amount due at closing could be a total of only 3.50%
  10. Our lenders can generally close in 2-3 weeks, depending on how quickly you are needing to close
  11. 640+ minimum Credit score on any borrower, but the spouse’s credit is not required to be at 640

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We Can Assist With:

  • Minimum 640 Credit Score, lending of $80,000 Mortgages and Above 
  • You can skip 2 payments on most refinances
  • Only Out of Pocket Expense is the Appraisal
  • No Out of Pocket Expense 
  • Non-Warrantable & Jumbo Condo Lending
  • FHA Lending with as low as a 640 Credit Score